Our Team

At Global DTC, our team is a collective force of diverse talents, driven by a shared commitment to excellence. Our team's global perspective and cross-industry expertise bring innovation and creativity to the core of our company's endeavors. 

Our team comprises professionals from diverse backgrounds, speaking a total of 15 languages. This diversity empowers us to communicate effectively across borders and cultures, fostering a dynamic array and perspectives. 

Spanning across four continents, our team's presence ensures a deep understanding of local nuances, enriching our global approach. From technological innovation to marketing strategies and beyond, our combined expertise drives our success in delivering top-tier solutions. 

At Global DTC, our team is guided by the visionary leadership of our Board of Directors and Executive Team to deliver excellence and innovation in every endeavor we undertake. 


Board of Directors


Lye Chee Whye

Lye Chee Whye is the Head of China, PSA International. He has more than 25 years of experience in the port industry spanning across functions such as Management, Container Terminal Operations, Business Development, Information Technology.

Kwan Kai Chong Casey

A visionary leader with a proven track record in in various areas including equity research, corporate finance, risk management and investment management, Casey Kwan plays a pivotal role in shaping our financial initiatives and long-term financial goals. 

Yeong Wee Tan

Yeong Wee Tan brings to the board over 30 years of technology and industry experience (Accenture, General Electric, Stratus Technologies, IDA International, CrimsonLogic) across strategic leadership, consulting, sales, marketing, operational excellence.

Management Team

Yeong Wee Tan

Chief Executive Officer

Yeong Wee Tan leads Global DTC with a wealth of experience and a visionary approach. With over 30 years technology and business experience (Accenture, General Electric, Stratus Technologies, IDA International, CrimsonLogic), Wee Tan has been instrumental in steering the company towards innovation and growth. His strategic insights and commitment to excellence continue to propel Global DTC forward, fostering a culture of success and continuous advancement.  

Alua Satybaldiyeva

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

As the Deputy CEO of Global DTC, Alua brings a dynamic blend of expertise and forward-thinking vision. Alua is responsible for business development, stakeholders management, commercial operation and revenue generation. She plays a pivotal role in implementing strategies that drive business, operational efficiency and organizational development. Alua has over 15 years of a proven track record as Business Development Director, Chief Marketing Officer at international financial organizations and technology companies.

Bayan Konirbayev

Chief Technical Officer

Bayan Konirbayev is an accomplished Chief Technology Officer with a diverse professional background. With over a decade of experience, Bayan has served in key roles across various. His extensive international experience spans Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Educationally, Bayan holds degrees from Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunication, Tsinghua University, and a DBA degree from Swiss Business School.