Our vision and mission

Our vision

Global DTC’s VISION is to be a Digital Trade Platform of Choice for multi-modal carriers, logistics service providers and cargo owners to collaborate digitally to increase overall trade flows premised on an open, neutral and standards-based design with trust and acceptance by the business and government partners.

Our mission

Global DTC’s MISSION is a Business focused, Customer driven, Technology powered company enabling digital multi-modal trade flows to improve efficiency and speed, reduce time and costs, increase reliability and consistency for all stakeholders in the Middle Corridor and beyond.

In our work, we as a team adhere to the M.O.S.T. operating syntax, which defines our professionalism, approach, and behaviour.


Move as One. The more united we are, the stronger Global DTC will be. Individually, we do not always have the answer but together we will be able to find answers with our different background, experience, training. Embrace diversity to strengthen the team. 100 chopsticks are stronger than 1 chopstick.


Communicate openly. Speak clearly and concisely. Be clear and upfront with your message to reduce miscommunications and save time. Do not play politics. Relationships are two ways. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Earn trust. Start with ourselves to earn other’s trust. Do what you say, say what you do.


Like in every family, football team, there is a structure for performance and success. Respect the lines of command, control and communications. Respect the structure as it respects you. Watch the back of the member next to you, as he/she will watch your back. Know what he/she is doing and need help, and ensure the person next to you knows what you are doing and need help.


We are on digital time. Very fast. Respect everyone’s time. Start on time, end on time. We have a short time to make DTC happen. Maximise it. Make it happen.

Do the M.O.S.T.